Writesonic Vs Jasper - Which is best

Writesonic Vs Jasper – Which is best? (Compared and Reviewed)

If you are looking for the best Writesonic Vs Jasper – Which is best? Than this article for you

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two popular AI writing tools include Jasper and Writesonic. You may have heard of them or currently use them. Let’s take a look at both of these online writing tools to see how they compare.

After two week i used this two ai writing tool than i will write this article

Finding the perfect one when you have hundreds of AI writing tools in the market is a daunting process. So, in order to help you out we decided to do the research and test.

For the testing process, we tested ai writing tool  in the best price range from different brands based on consumer reviews, brand reputation and experience in this field.

How Do Writesonic and Jasper Work?

You can produce a large amount of content using both AI content writing tools. No matter what tool you use, you can start with an idea that will be completed by the software. Jasper or Writesonic can take your initial ideas and turn them into a complete article.

The main difference between the two programs is the type of content that can be created. Marketers love and use both tools eagerly. It is possible to create content for blogs, ads, articles, and product descriptions with both. Jasper seems to be the more advanced and robust of the two. 

Features of the Software

Writesonic and Jasper each include over 40 types of copy for you to utilize. The types of copy available on Wrtiesonic include website copy, digital advertisements for Linkedin, Google or Facebook, etc. If you are advertising on Amazon, use Wrtitesonic to write product copy, descriptions, sales emails, and featured ads.

Like Jasper, Writesonic utilizes standard copywriting formulas. While you’re writing, you can use the AI tool to generate a copy written in the  AIDA or the Pain-Agitate-Solution model.

It will help you generate an define and a standard blog post of about over 700 words after you input a topic and introduction. However, to truly rank on Google, you’ll want over 1000 words ideally. You can keep hitting the regenerate button until you get something you like as long as you don’t run out of credits.

While the content rephraser sounds nice, it is only capable of rephrasing short snippets of content, not full articles. You may like the rephraser if you’d like to revamp your introductions or short social posts in three different voice tones.

In terms of production, the above options are excellent, but Jasper has Writesonic beat.  Jasper is the tool you should use if you want to write long-form articles beyond 700 words. Not only can it write stories, but it can also write books. It’s true – actual books!

Writesonic allows you to use up to three voices on the content rephraser, but not necessarily on the article generator. It is possible for Jasper to write in a variety of voices, including humor, iconic, and celebrity voices.


It’s great for standard marketing with Writesonic. It creates original blog or copywriting content from a variety of sources.rces. For sales and social media engagement, it writes content that incorporates relevant keywords. The best way to write a creative story, book, or poem is with Jasper.

The Jasper platform has an internal database of over one million sentences, over 2500 writing categories, and the ability to identify quotes and paraphrases from other sources.

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Organization within the App

Each user’s history of generated content is saved by Writesonic. Jasper has organized folders for clients and multiple projects, however.

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Pricing and Plans

You can try both Writesonic and Jasper for free. In terms of affordability, Writesonic wins with its variety of payment options beyond the free program. 

There are two Jasper plans: Starter for $29 a month, and Boss Mode for $119 a month.

For greater flexibility, Writesonic offers a free trial, a monthly subscription, and a pay-as-you-go option.

No matter what plan you choose, Writesonic and Jasper are available in more than 25 languages.

Writesonic’s Basic plan may be ideal for bloggers, freelancers, or students. It costs only $15 per month and offers the same features as a free trial. For $14 more, you will have access to over 50 copywriting templates, unlimited user logins, 5 project folders, and 20,000 words per month if you join Jasper as a Starter.

For $45 a month, freelancers can get unlimited credits. With this plan, all features are available, but only one user can access the Writesonic app at a time. In contrast, the $29 Jasper plan allows unlimited logins.

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There are two plans that are available for businesses on Writesonic.

Startups and small businesses pay $95 per month for the Startup plan, which comes with all the features, unlimited credits, and up to 2 users. Priority support is also included in this plan. 

Four users are permitted on the Agency plan, which is the largest plan available. Businesses and agencies can access all features, including custom features, for $195 a month. In the near future, white labeling will also be available for the agency plan. On Jasper, you can get the Boss Mode plan for $119, which includes unlimited words, recipes, and folders, but only one user login. 

Both Jasper plans come with chat support.

Pay-as-you-go is Writesonic’s standout pricing feature. Don’t sign up for a monthly subscription if you don’t think you’ll use this tool often. Use the PAYG (Pay as you go) option.

While Jasper may be more robust, Writesonic has more flexibility in terms of payment options.

Pros and Cons of  Writesonic and Jasper


Both AI writing software programs allow you to try them out for free.  Additionally, you can choose from over 25 languages.

With over 40 content templates to choose from, you’ll be able to speed up your writing production.

There are some similarities between the two tools, such as the ability to write social media content like  Facebook headlines and Google ads. Product descriptions, blog posts, article outlines, and idea generators are all included in both.

In addition to copywriting, Jasper allows you to write stories, poems, and books.

Writesonic, however, offers more payment options and flexibility. Contracts are not binding. Even with a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time. Pay-as-you-go is especially useful if you don’t know how often you’ll need Writesonic’s services.


As long as Jasper produces content, Writesonic cannot. Jasper has more creative capabilities than it does.

Jasper only offers two payment options. 

After seven days of signing up for a paid plan, you can get your money back, but with Writesonic, you can cancel at any time with no financial obligation.

Who Are Jasper and Writesonic For?

Writesonic offers membership plans for both individuals and businesses, as was already mentioned. 

A busy freelance writer will certainly be able to make use of many of the software’s features. 

Writesonic is available to all freelance writers, whether they specialise in long-form articles, quick blog posts, or social media copy. 

However, a freelancer who doesn’t produce a lot of work might not require it just yet.


Jasper only offers two plans, but it is popular with both companies and individuals.  In contrast to Writesonic plans, which only have two to four seats available, Jasper plans have unlimited users.

With this software, agencies can draft web content, marketing emails, and social ad campaigns for every social media tool available.  YouTube copy can also be written with the tool. With this writing assistant, you can handle tighter turnaround times if you have several clients.  

Jasper is the right choice if you write long-form or creative content such as poems, stories, or books. Additionally, Jasper may be a better choice for research or academic papers due to its ability to recognize quotes and paraphrases.

Educational Resources

The user interfaces of both tools are very clean and easy to use. The Writesonic creators have put together a very useful resource page that provides tutorials for all of their features.  As soon as you sign up for the software, you will be able to use all of its features like a pro.

You can also join a Facebook group to ask other Writesonic users questions. 

The Jasper Bootcamp is a 45-minute video series that explains everything you need to know about Jasper’s functionality. You can also join an online community of 35,000 content creators and copywriters.

Both options offer ways to educate users so they can be up to speed as quickly as possible. 


There is a high demand for writers today. Despite having a full staff, businesses and marketing agencies cannot produce content fast enough. Therefore, AI writing assistants are useful for both freelancers and companies. 

The interface of Writesonic is very clean and easy to use. As soon as your email address is validated, you can go to your profile page and start writing right away.  If you want to write an article, a social media post, or a product description, all features are available to you.

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