The Best WPX HOSTING REVIEW – WHY WPX IS BEST? (Ranked and Reviwed)
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The Best WPX HOSTING REVIEW – WHY WPX IS BEST? (Ranked and Reviwed)

WPX Web Hosting Review

WPX is one of the best web hostings. Yes, It is costly but it is worth it. If your site gets lots of traffic then WPX is best for you. It is value for money.

  • Free Site Speed Optimization
  • FREE Site Migration
  • FREE Lightning Fast CDN

Don’t buy any hosting without reading reviews!

Are you looking for a WPX Hosting review before buying this awesome hosting? In our review, you will learn everything you need to know about WPX Hosting

You are at the right place if you are wondering why you should buy WPX hosting. We will discuss our personal experience with WPX hosting in this WPX hosting review.

Many hosting services exist on the market, but they are not the best because they only show the best and give nothing. If you buy that type of hosting, then your website speed will suffer!

Furthermore, other companies take your money without providing high-quality hosting with uptime, but only a few companies, such as WPX, Kinsta, and many more, will provide you with the best quality hosting.

without wasting any time let’s move to WPX hosting review!

I am using these hosting, and After using these my site speed is so much boosted, You know one secret thing WPX hosting provides you free site speed optimization.

Also, WPX hosting customer support is always good for my their customer support is like a bodyguard for you, whenever you have any kind of problem WPX Customer support will help you!

You know Site ground A-2 Hosting and many more hosting are so good but WPX hosting provides you extra features with less money that’s why I like to use WPX hosting.

Why WPX Hosting Is Best?

Let the first talk about Why WPX hosting is best?

You Know the top Indian affiliate blogger Kulwant nagi use WPX for their Websites, Also he wrote an article about WPX hosting review on their blog.

Although I have used so many hosting earlier I really Like this hosting, because of their security, their support, their uptime, their speed, their free ultra-fast lightning CDN.

You know When I was going to take WPX first Time I have also Think To myself that after taking WPX if my money was wasted then what? But I never go for a refund because WPX is the best hosting in my view.

Also If you/I want to take a refund then there is a money-back/refund guarantee.

One more thing about WPX, I like their customer support they reply within 5second, Also one more thing they migrate my sites within 24hours.

Watch Kulwant Nagi Review Video in the Hindi language!

History About WPX Hosting Services

WPX Hosting was started in 2013 By Terry Kyle, Who is the current CEO of WPX hosting. Before he commanded WPX hosting services his personal experience with many hosting services was adverse and kept downgrading with time.

According to him, he has already worked with multiple hosting companies and almost all in the market and never had a great hosting experience as WPX provides. As per him, the major reasons for this disappointment were:

  • Cheap hosting service, where the hosting company lacked infrastructure, and due to that, it provided cheap hosting plans with fewer features.
  • A lack of knowledgeable customer support to help users in a timely fashion.
  • Complicated admin panel that only a professional was able to handle and not normal people.
  • Slow server performance leads to slower websites.
  • Lack of flexibility in plans and pricing.

This Upper word from according to him taken from the blogging cage website.

WPX Hosting Free Bonuses

1. Free Site Speed Optimization

WPX Hosting Solve Your all fear about site speed. They are providing you free site speed optimization with their services.

WPX Hosting Solve Your all fear about site speed. They are providing you free site speed optimization with their services.

WPX hosting has a speed optimization team that can help you if your site isn’t loading fast. When I was using another hosting service, my websites were slow to load. After switching to WPX Hosting, my websites loaded faster than ever before.

Let me share with you a secret WPX Hosting “30-second average support response”.

2. FREE Site Migration To WPX Within 24 Hours

WPX hosting provides you free site migration To WPX within 24hours. WPX having experts in their team so they can solve Your problem of site migration.

One of the biggest hassles when moving from one hosting service to another is the technical job of transferring your beloved sites.

We get that and it’s why we have always offered free site migration (moving) from any other host to WPX.

This is work is done manually by our WordPress experts at WPX, it includes email AND is usually completed within 24 hours.

It is also unlimited, provided that you have enough empty website slots in your WPX account for us to move them to.

The only type of site migration that is NOT free at WPX is when the domain requires changing e.g. the site,, is moving to WPX and being changed to

This needs considerable extra time in database editing and checking which means a $98 charge for that (fairly unusual) type of site migration.

– WPX Said these

I can say honestly that what WPX told they do that.

FREE Lightning Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network)

WPX hosting provides you free lighting fast CDN.

As far as we know, WPX is one of the only web hosts that has its own custom, high-speed content delivery network (CDN).

WPX created their CDN to add flexibility, speed optimization, integration with their own WordPress Hosting Platform, and to help them scale their site.

WPX hosting CDNs currently has 26 global edge locations, is free for all WPX clients, and gave us an unmatched speed advantage in these WP hosting speed tests:

WPX WordPress Hosting Plans

WPX hosting provide us WordPress hosting which is best hosting for blogger.

WPX hosting is like a rocket that will boost your website speed,

WPX WordPress hosting having 3 plans Business, Professional, Elite which have monthly & yearly plans.

1.WPX hosting Business plan

A business plan is the first plan of WPX in which you can host your 5 websites, and WPX provides you 10GB storage, 100gh bandwidth, and WPC Cloud CDN.


The professional plan is the second plan of WPX hosting in which you can host your 15 websites, and WPX provides you 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth.

3.WPX hosting Elite plan

The Elite plan is the third & last plan of WPX hosting in which you can host your 35 websites, and WPX provides you 40GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth

Free Things in each & every plan ● 30 Second Average Live Chat Response Time 24/7/365 ● High-Speed Custom CDN With 26 Global Edge Locations ● Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX* ● Unlimited SSLs ● Staging Areas ● Email ● Manual Backups ● DDoS Protection ● Free Malware Scanning & Removal ● PHP 7. X ● 30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed ● 1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + the UK + Australian Hosting Locations

Testimonials Of WPX Users

I’ve dealt with a lot of companies in my short life and this is by far one of the best…! They don’t do customer service… they do customer satisfaction. Huge difference. And their hosting product is infinitely better … 

Rob Flude

Excellent webhost and awesome support… Like tonight, when Dian spent a loooooong time working with me to resolve a problem (it was a tricky one). Dian’s very knowledgeable and provided exceptional service, truly a credit to WPX. Great … 

Dawson Barber

WPX rocks! We have multiple sites hosted with them and every experience is a great one. The 24/7 customer service is stellar, helpful, kind, friendly, efficient and effective. We’ve used three different hosting platforms and WPX is the 

LeAura Alderson

I’ve been using WPX for just over a month, after using 2 other hosting companies for the past 3 years and I’m so happy I switched! They handled my entire site migration for 2 sites within a few … 

Jay Mark Stevens


So I have covered all points about Wpx Hosting Reviews.

I have covered plans, features, free stuff, and why WPX hosting is best? Basically, I’m using WPX, and I felt that I had to write a full and honest WPX hosting review, so I did this.

Whenever I can, I try to help other bloggers. I know so many bloggers stuck with their website speed, use WPX afterwards and your site will become faster.

Hopefully these WPX hosting reviews will help other bloggers to solve their website speed problems.

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