Why Custom Domain is Important for Blog? Know 8 benefits
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Why Custom Domain is Important for Blog? Know 8 benefits

Custom Domain is a kind of your ID, your identity. That is why it should always be made well. Let us see why we should use a custom domain?

1. Custom Domain is easy to read and remember

We already talked that whenever we use the free domain of Blogspot, it looks quite useless and at the same time it is very difficult to remember such a name. That is why if you use Custom Domain, then it seems very easy to remember and read.

2. Custom Domain is Search Engine Friendly

If you have a free domain then it does not get ranked in Google, it was probably available earlier but now there is a lot of competition that is why you must use Custom Domain. It also increases your Search Rank.

3. It Improves Your SEO

If you use a custom domain, then with the help of this you can submit your domain to any place. I mean you can get backlinks. For this, you must use it.

4. Useful in bringing more traffic from Social Media

If you share your blog on social media without a custom domain, then no one clicks on your link. Even on Facebook, you are banned from posting your link. That is why if you have a custom domain, then more views can come to your article.

5. It is helpful to get approval of Google Adsense

Nowadays the policy of Google has become very strict, in such a situation it has become very difficult to get its approval. If you write 20 to 25 SEO Friendly Articles with Custom Domain, then you easily get the approval of Google Adsense.

6. Your Blog Looks Professional

If you put an article without a custom domain and share it everywhere, then no one trusts you, everyone feels that it is new, even if you have a very good knowledge of blogging and SEO. For this, you need to have a custom domain. So that you can give a different direction to your blog.

7. Sponsor Meets

Today most of the advertiser companies do not like Blogspot or any other domain, they only go to the blogger who has a custom domain. That is why if you want to earn more from your blog then you must take a good domain. 

8. You Can Create Many Sub Domain And Professional Email

If you are using a subdomain then you cannot create any subdomain for it. blogspot.com and WordPress This is a subdomain of the main domain, which you are using for free. On the other hand, if you have a custom domain, then you can create many subdomains for yourself. For example, Contcat.yourdomain.com, About.yourdomain.com, etc.

Apart from this, you can also create a professional email in the name of your domain. Like I have an email id in my name named [email protected] In this way you can also create your email id with your custom domain.

Where to Buy Custom Domain

The maximum price of a custom domain is Rs.800, that too for a year. According to my, in today’s date, one can easily withdraw 800 rupees in a year. And this is a matter of our future because Custom Domain is not an expense but an investment.

For domain, you get many companies like Bigrock, Namecheap, etc. But what things you should keep in mind while buying a domain,

You have to buy a domain from a company that gives WHOIS Privacy Protection for free. Namecheap gives you this service free. Due to which you can protect your identity from hackers and spammers.

Currently, the sale is going on on Namecheap, that is why if you buy a domain from there now, then you will get it for around 500 with Lifetime Privacy Protection. How important is Privacy Protection, definitely read this in the article titled Namecheap Review.

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