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Which is the Best Platform for Blogging

Blogger vs WordPress Which is the best platform for blogging? If you want to start blogging and are confused about which is the best platform for blogging. So read this post carefully, I am sure you will be 100% sure which platform Blogger Vs WordPress is good for you.

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If we talk about this, then WordPress is a very good platform for blogging from bloggers. But it is very difficult for new bloggers to select this. When I started blogging, it was also very difficult to choose the right platform.

So I do not want anyone else to have trouble that Blogger Vs WordPress is a great platform to choose this for blogging.

Now you must be thinking that I dug up and told above that WordPress is better than Blogger. So now what is left to go?

But this is not enough, if you are a regular reader of atozbrother then you must know that I started my blogging on the blogger platform. And I shifted my blog to WordPress only after about 6 months.

So it would be very difficult to say that Blogger Vs WordPress is a great platform for blogging. But at some points, you can select any one platform for yourself. And I am telling you at some point below, which you will be able to select only by digging, which Blogger Vs WordPress is a great platform for Hindi and English blogging.

Blogger Vs WordPress Which is the Best Platform for Blogging

So let me now tell you about Blogger and WordPress in some points. Which you will be able to select the best blogging platform for yourself very easily.

Why Blogger is a Better Platform than WordPress

1• Blogger is absolutely free

The biggest advantage of creating a blog in Blogger is that you do not need to spend money on it. You can create a blog with the help of your Gmail id. You also get a subdomain ie on Blogger, and you do not even have to buy a template on it. Because many templates are available for free on the internet for bloggers.

2. Coding Knowledge is not required

If you don’t know anything about coding. Even then you can easily create a blog on Blogger. Because you can edit your layout, header, widget without editing the template on blogger.

I myself did not know anything about coding before. But today I have learned to code as much as I need after creating a blog.

3. Unlimited Data Space

The data space on a self-hosted blog is according to your hosting. But blogger is a product of google. So on this, you do not have any problem with data space. You can keep as many posts as you want on Blogger.

4. Can use from mobile

You can also use Blogger blog from mobile, such as writing posts, sharing posts, and many other things you can do from mobile itself. Just for this, you should have an Android mobile and there should be a 4G speed net on it. You can run your blog on Android mobile itself using Google Chrome or Mozilla.

5. Easy To Use

Blogger blog is very easy to use. Everyone can use it easily. And you will not even need any technical knowledge to use it.

Why WordPress is a Better Platform than BlogSpot

Like I told you above that I started blogging on Blogger itself. And later I transferred it to self-hosted. So I can tell you about the benefits of both. Which you will also say that a self-hosted blog is better than a free blog.

Control Over Your Blog

I support self-hosted blogs more, and the main reason for this is that blogger is a product of google. And Google can delete your blog at any time without warning you. Even if you have added a custom domain to the blog.

Meaning if someone has marked your blog as spam or reports your blog to google as spam, even then you can delete your blog without warning. And this happens with many bloggers, so this is a common problem on Blogspot and it has happened with many bloggers.

Search Engine Optimization

Wherever you host the blog. Traffic is the main thing of the blog. Search engine optimization means optimizing the blog for the search engine. And bringing traffic to your blog from search engines.

But if you compare WordPress and blogger, then you get the very little option on blogger for search engine optimization. And on WordPress, you get more options than bloggers in only one plugin of SEO i.e. Yoast SEO for optimization.

Plugins And Support

On WordPress, you get many plugins and support for many things for every single thing in your blog. Which you can easily solve every problem of your blog by digging it. But I spent a lot of time digging on BlogSpot, just to add some features by editing my theme.

On WordPress, you will find many plugins to add or remove anything or anything else on your blog. And even if you need any codes, you can easily find them on the WordPress support forum. Read this post for more information about WordPress plugins.


Many people do not even see the Blogspot blog. Because it is free but if you talk about a self-hosted blog then everyone will feel that you are a professional blogger and have made your blog by investing a lot of money. And you are serious about your blog.

Them And Templates

You will also find many free themes on Blogspot. But for commercial use, you will get one of the best free and premium them on WordPress. Apart from this, if you have FTP access then you can completely edit, change and design your WordPress them.

Google AdSense

Every blogger can earn money from his blog with AdSense. And earlier Blogspot was great for your blog AdSense approval. But nowadays it is not approved so easily. But on WordPress with your domain, email address, Adsense approved is very easy. This is and the advantage of a self-hosted blog. If you are using AdSense then read the post below and increase your revenue.

Reselling Your Blog

Google does not allow you to sell BlogSpot blog. But you can also sell self-hosted blogs if you want or need them.

Blogger Vs WordPress Short Summary:

Blogger is free, but WordPress is Paid.

2. There are limited futures on Blogger, but you will get unlimited futures on WordPress.

3. There is no need for knowledge of coding for bloggers. But you cannot manage WordPress Blog without coding knowledge.

4. There will be fewer futures for SEO on Blogger. But on WordPress, you will get unlimited futures for SEO.

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