What is SEO? Why SEO important & Essential

What is SEO? Why SEO important & Essential

The full name of SEO is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is more important nowadays than ever before. And to get your post on the first page in Google search,

it is important to understand the meaning of SEO. Not only this, it is important to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to handle your blog or website, or business or to bring the content post to Google search. And secondly, there are many activities in SEO,

by applying which we can bring Google ranking and traffic to our website. Which increases the traffic of the website even more. Apart from this, it also helps in making the content post quality of your website. Using SEO is the best way to increase the quality of the website. 

What is SEO? And how to use Search Engine Optimization? And why is SEO important?

What is SEO?  Why is it important

Now let’s talk about- SEO What is it? SEO is very important to get ranking on Google search engine. By writing an SEO content post,

you can get a rank in Google search. The way Google searches keywords, using those keywords to create a content post, the Google search engine brings that website to the first page. Not only this, you can prepare content posts by using that keyword again and again. 

Therefore, it is necessary to get information about many rules and tips for SEO. Without SEO, you cannot get unique traffic from Google by preparing the content first. Now let’s talk about what is SEO? ? And why is it necessary?

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO means optimizing to bring more traffic from the search engine. Means to prepare SEO content posts to bring free, unique, traffic from the Google search engine.

 This means to write such a content post on our site that, shows your post in a good position in the search engine. So that we can bring more and more traffic to our website. – why seo impartant new bloggers and those working on WordPress do not follow SEO. 

And just write the post in a maximum number of words and publish it on the Internet. Some people work hard and write contact posts without SEO, yet traffic does not come to their website. All this happens because of not writing SEO posts.

 Because those people do not write posts in the search engine optimization (SEO) way. So (therefore) it is necessary to write SEO content posts to bring maximum traffic from Google search. Even Google is not there, apart from Google,

you can also bring traffic from search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Ask. If you have just created a new website and have not submitted it to Google search engine, then first submit your website to Google webmaster tools to get it in Google search results. 

Only after that write SEO first to bring maximum traffic from the search result. Now you must be thinking that, how does SEO get more traffic from the search engine? And why is there more earning when traffic comes from the search engine? For that, I am going to give you an example

 what is SEO And what is the benefit of this? 

Suppose, if your website blog has Direct 10,000 Traffic, and you earn daily $100 per day. Same if 5000 out of 10,000 traffic comes from a traffic search engine, then you can earn up to $100-$500 per day. That is to say, instead of direct traffic coming to your site,

if more traffic comes from the search engine then there will be more earning. Anyway, if we talk about Google AdSense, then AdSense gives more money to the highest-earning, traffic coming from the search engine.

Now you must have understood what is SEO and why SEO is important. How important is SEO to bring more traffic from search engines? Now, it is necessary to follow SEO to get traffic from search engines. Search Engine Optimization is most important for your website.

Types of Basic SEO

There are completely two types of SEO, 1. ON-PAGE SEO, 2. OFF-PAGE SEO

ON-PAGE Search engine optimization- Page Title, meta description, meta tag, URL structure, Body Tag(H1, H2, H3, H4, etc), Keywords density, Image SEO, Internal linking, External linking, Website speed, Post length, Responsive blog design, SiteMap SEO optimization, etc.

full detail article on on-page SEO

OFF-PAGE Search engine optimization- OFF-PAGE SEO in search engine submission, Social network site(Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn) to share post & page, Blogging to promote, Blog marketing, Use Keywords to optimize, Forum Marketing,

full detail article on OFF-PAGE

Bookmarking Website, Guest Post(Article Submission), Directory Submission, Link Baiting, Photo Share, Slide Share, Blog Commenting, Backlinking, Video Marketing, Business Review, And Question Answer, etc. come in SEO. A backlink is the most important optimization for SEO.

The more the website’s backlink, the higher will be your website search engine optimization and quality. That’s all I’ll tell you for now. Now you must have understood what is SEO and why SEO (search engine optimization) is important for the website. Now I will tell you in the next post that, write SEO Content post, How to do SEO Tips to Apni Website Blog

Benefits of SEO

  • From SEO, search engine users prefer to click on one of the top 5 results, that is, the top 5 website pages in the search result like to click more. Very few go to the next page.
  • Users trust the search engine, whose website comes first again and again after searching all the keywords.
  • seo helps in social promotion of your website, even, through google, yahoo search engine, your web site also brings results from social media like Facebook, twitter, google+.
  • This seo helps in running your website smoothly, every new and old blog author can take advantage of seo.
  • Optimized seo can bring your content post to the forefront, if you follow seo well.
  • This seo can bring you ahead in the competition from 2 or more than 2 websites. If 2 websites are sharing the same thing in different ways, then seo helps in bringing the optimized site forward.
  • seo helps in traffic badane.
  • Out of seo content and without seo, the best and more traffic comes on seo content optimized.

Finally, complete information about Search Engine Optimization will be found on SEO, English Site. Those who read SEO content, SEO Optimize, ON PAGE, OFF PAGE SEO, Optimization, must read the post and rank first on Google search engine and optimize. 

I will prepare all the information about SEO in the next post. I hope you have got good information about SEO. If you enjoyed reading this post, then do like our Facebook page and share it on social media. Thank you

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