What is Google AdSense? How does it work?

What is Google AdSense? How does it work?

So that if you have created your own blog or are thinking of making money online through Google Adsense by starting a new blog, then you should get make money from google adsense ? It is very important to have a good knowledge about it. Now what is Google AdSense? Let’s understand about it in detail.

What is Google AdSense in English?

Adsense is Google’s only platform that allows publishers to monetize their blog or website by placing advertisements on it. Such as Automatic Text, Images and Video Ads etc. Google AdSense is one of the biggest sources for earning online from almost 70% of blogs available on the internet .

AdSense being a Google product, it easily integrates with Google’s Blogger (Blogspot) and YouTube.

If you Apply for AdSense tend to your blog from Google AdSense Approval would get then you can Ad Placement on your blog. Due to which you earn income. Through Google Adsense’s Ads, you do Online Earning through your blog in three ways.

Ads impressions or Cost per Mille (CPM): The number of impressions
of Google Adsense ads on your blog in a day means that you get paid according to the number of times AdSense ads appear. By the way, if Avarage is seen, 1000 Impressions get about $1.

Cost per click (CPC):
Out of the number of ads shown on your blog, clicks are received by your visitors on the ads. You get the same amount of advertising money. Such ads are quite common.

Cost per action (CPA):
Google pays for this type of ads only when a visitor takes an action after clicking on the ad such as Sign up, Purchase something etc. Usually, more money is received for this type of ads.

After placing ads on the blog, when visitors come to your blog, then ads are displayed, you get clicks on those ads from where your online income is generated. But for continuous income, you have to keep working continuously on the blog as well.

To get the first income from Google Adsense in your bank account, it is necessary to have at least $100 in your AdSense account. After this you can get it directly in your bank through check or through wire transfer .

If you have a YouTube channel along with the blog, then only one AdSense account can be used for this. You do not need a separate AdSense account for YouTube.

By now you must have understood that what is Google AdSense? Let us now know how Google Adsense works?

How does Google AdSense work?

AdSense has been designed to perfectly match the ads for your website or blog. Bloggers like us and you who place ads on our blog are called publishers and whose ads we put on our blogs are called advertisers.

The main task of Google AdSense is to reconcile both the Publisher and the Advertiser in a very simple way regarding Ads.

The advertiser pays Google to show their ads on your blog or YouTube channel and Google pays you when their ads show on your Blog/YT Channel.

According to Google’s Revenue Share Policy, 68% of the money that the advertiser pays to Google for showing ads on AdSense networks, he keeps 68% to the publisher i.e. you, and 32% to himself.

Google AdSense mainly works on two types of concepts to show ads on your blog – Keyword-based Advertising and Interest-based Advertising.

Keywords-based Advertising:

To get any information, whatever you search by typing in Google’s search bar, it is called KEYWORD. There can be different keywords for every content available on your blog. Advertisers target keywords to show ads for their company’s products.

If a visitor searches for something on Google and that information or product is available on your blog, then after the visitor comes to your blog, he sees ads related to the same product.

Suppose you come to a blog after entering a keyword related to a smartphone on Google, then you will see only ads related to the smartphone. This is called Keyword-based Advertising.

Interest-based Advertising:

Whatever you search on the Internet such as Smartphone, Computer, Clothing, Web Hosting, Domain Name, etc. So all those are saved as cookies in your browser’s history. And the next time you do some search in the browser on the same computer, then you see related ads of the same search you did earlier.

Due to this, Google feels that you are interested in such things and if you are shown only ads of things related to your interest, then your browsing experience will be even better. This is called interest-based advertising.

If you understand the entire process of Google Adsense from beginning to end, then it remains something like this:

  1. First of all you should have a blog, website, or YouTube channel.
  2. After this, you have to apply for a Google AdSense account.
  3. After applying for an AdSense account, if you get Approval, then after that you get JavaScript Code for Ads which you have to put inside your website or blog. On the other hand, if you use Blogger and YouTube, then only Ads have to be enabled.
  4. After this, advertisers bid for the rights to run ads on your website, blog or YouTube video.
  5. After doing this, ads start appearing on your website, blog or YouTube video.
  6. Now what kind of ads are showing on your website or blog and how many clicks are you getting on those ads? Based on that income starts coming in your AdSense account.
  7. Once the Required Therehold $100 is completed in your AdSense account, then that income is sent to your bank account by AdSense.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Google Adsense is a great platform to earn online from blogging and YouTube. And because it is a platform of Google itself, there is nothing left for not trusting it. Along with this, it is also very easy to use.

If you are reading this article before starting anything and you do not have anything like a blog and Adsense account, then before applying for a Google AdSense account, you should focus more on creating a blog or website. Because without any blog or YouTube channel you cannot apply for an AdSense account.

I hope today’s information is Google AdSense What is itAnd how it works must have been very important to you! Do share your thoughts about this with us through comments.

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