What is Affiliate Marketing? A Simple Beginners Guide in English (2022)

What is Affiliate Marketing? A Simple Beginners Guide in English (2022)

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in English: Friends, in the age of rising inflation day by day,

who does not want to have a means of earning something other than that which is the source of their main income. So nowadays earning money from the internet has become the best extra income source.

Because nowadays you will get internet in every Smartphone. You can connect the Internet to your computer or laptop right from your smartphone. And through the internet,

you can earn a lot every month only at home. Internet is the main source of earning of some people. 

Well, there are many means available on the internet to earn money online. Out of which we are going to tell about one such Extra Income Source Platform today. 

Which is known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is the best and oldest way to earn money, what is Affiliate Marketing? We know a little about this in detail.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

As many online shopping websites are there on the internet, most of them have their own affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is such a way to earn money in which what you have to do is promote the products of any online shopping website on your blog or website. 

To promote, you post a link to that product on your blog or website by adding it to your Affiliate Link and if any of your visitors who come to your website click on that affiliate link, go to that online shopping website and do some shopping. If you do,

then you are given a commission of some percentage according to the purchase. The income that you get from that commission is called income from affiliate marketing.

If you want to know the Affiliate Program in a very simple way, then let’s say about Affiliate Marketing? that you do a shop and you tell 10 people to increase your business that if you bring customers to my shop and the customers you bring to me If you buy some goods from the shop,

then we will give you 5%, 8% or whatever commission according to the percentage of their purchase. You just kept on bringing more and more customers to us.

So the Affiliate Program works exactly like this, in which all the online shopping websites on the Internet say that you join our Affiliate Program and promote our product on your blog or website. And if a customer comes to our website by you and makes some purchases, then according to his shopping, we will give you some percentage of commission.

Some important things related to Affiliate Marketing.

As I just mentioned above, all the online shopping websites have their own affiliate program. Such as  Flipkart,  Amazon,  SnapdealHostgator,  Bluehost,  etc.

An Affiliate Program is run by these companies to promote their product or service. If you join their Affiliate Program, then you are given a commission when you shop from the recommended link. This is called the Affiliate Program.

1st. Who is Affiliate?

Only people like us and you who promote the products of online shopping companies on their website or blog through affiliate links are called Affiliate.

2nd. What is Affiliate Link?

When you join the affiliate program of a company, after joining, you are given a link from the company, through which you promote any product of the company on your website or blog. That link is called an affiliate link.

3rd. What are Affiliate Payment Modes?

After earning from Affiliate Marketing, how these online shopping companies pay you is called payment mode.

4th. Commission Percentage?

When you promote any product of the company on your website or blog through an affiliate link, then how much commission you are paid for it can be different for each product. All companies set their own commission for each product. Which she keeps on doing more or less according to the time.

How to earn money online from affiliate marketing?

how to earn money from affiliate marketing: If you also want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing, then first of all you should have a Blog or Website, Facebook Page, or any YouTube Channel. Only then you can promote any product of the company through your affiliate link.

Earning money from Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as Google AdSense, but the income from Affiliate Marketing is much higher than Google Adsense, beyond which this difficulty is nothing. If you have a Website / Blog, YouTube Channel, if you do not have any of these, then you can create a good Facebook page that has a lot of Fan following.

And you can promote the company’s product through your affiliate link on it because it is much easier to create a Facebook page than to create a website/blog and YouTube channel.

Many people who earn money from affiliate marketing earn a lot with the help of only one Facebook page. You can also share the affiliate link in your WhatsApp Contacts or your WhatsApp group.

Some important things to earn from affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn money online through affiliate marketing, then for this you must keep some things in mind which are as follows:

1st. You must know your niche or field.

If you want to start affiliate marketing and you have a blog or website, then you need to identify the niche or field of your blog or website. 

The product of a company that you want to promote on your website or blog should be related to your blog or website.

What I mean to say is that suppose you run a technology-related blog or website and if you promote a food product or health product on it, that means you put a link to a food product or health product on your website. You won’t get much benefit in that condition. 

You also have to keep in mind here that what type of post of your website gets more visitors and after that, if you promote the product related to the same through your website or blog, then I will earn income from your affiliate marketing. The chances of that increase a lot.

2nd. Register only on the Best Affiliate program related to your website.

As I told you nowadays all online shopping websites have an affiliate program. So out of all these affiliate programs, which one is the best affiliate program for you?

 It is very important to pay attention to this point as well. You should join the Affiliate program of the websites related to which your blog or website is related.

Before joining any affiliate program, you need to consider the following things.

  1. How much do people know about the website whose affiliate program you want to join? Because if you join the Affiliate Program of a website about which people do not know much, then people feel uncomfortable in shopping on such a website.
  2. What kind of product do you want to promote through your affiliate link or related to your website or blog or Facebook page, does that website deal in those products or not?
  3. How much commission is that website giving you on the products you want to promote? Maybe the commission for the products you are thinking of is very low on that website. So in such a situation, you can also see the comparison of commission by visiting any other website.
  4. Is that website reliable? Are the products found on it quality products? It is very important to pay attention to all these things as well.
  5. How much money will you earn through your affiliate link, then how will that money reach your account? That is, what are the options of payment mode with that website?

Affiliate Marketing My Final Words

how to earn money from affiliate marketing? After getting information about this, you don’t need to join the best Affiliate Programs and after that, you will start getting income from your Affiliate Marketing. As I mentioned earlier it is not easy at all.

If you want to make affiliate income through your website and blog or any YouTube channel, then you will have to write similar articles on your blog, keeping this in mind,

you will have to make videos so that your visitors and viewers can do the things you suggest. Can buy, sign up.

Nothing is going to happen just by joining Affiliate Programs. You have to focus on your Quality Content related to Affiliate. After that, you can earn so much from Affiliate Marketing that you would not have even imagined.

So, friends, I hope you have got all the information related to “What is Affiliate Marketing”. If you still have some questions, you want to ask us more about Affiliate Marketing, then you can write your point in the Comment Box below.

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