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If we talk about this company, then it is a new web hosting company which was founded in 2020. The name of the CEO of this company is Ben Gabler and he has about 17 years of experience in WordPress, CDN, WAF, Edge, and Hosting. Ben Gabler has also been the CEO of some companies and has also worked in companies like StackPath, HostGator GoDaddy. Performance 

By the way, all the hosting companies say that we have better servers, you get better speed, better service and your website loads very fast. But not everyone is able to fulfill their promise, the same thing, only we buy their service, for this we see all those things.

But we bought a plan from and setup a WordPress website on that plan. So that we can know whether whatever they are saying is really true or not. Server Response Time 

We especially liked the server response of We have got to see the response from everywhere in a very short time i.e. only 10 ms. There could also be a reason for this that they are using cloudflare, so you had to get a good response. 

You can see the response of in the image shown below. Speed 

We tested the website we set up on with PageSpeed ​​Insight and we got to see very good results too. We have got a score of 81 which is for mobile and if we open this site on desktop then we get to see a score of 95.

You can see that we have got a very good score in both the tests. Although we have used the default cache only, still we have got to see good speed. 

Our other site has a lot of load on it, there are many videos but still we are getting good speed.

When we test our site for the first time from India or any other country, it may take a little more time i.e. 1 to 2.5 seconds. This is because when our site is loaded for the first time in a country, its CDN processes and stores it. Because of this, it may take us a little longer for the first time, only for the first user. 

For example, if you visit that site, then the CDN of Cloudflare in that country will store its data and later whenever someone visits it from your own country, they will see that site very fast. Uptime 

We are using since last 57 days and till now we have not seen even 0% downtime . For the last 57 days our site is live and has not gone down even once. 

We got 100% Uptime of about 57 days from which we especially liked very much. We have placed other sites on other hostings and we get maximum uptime of up to 98.85% there. Cache 

If you use then you are given a build-in cache plugin and you cannot manage it. You don’t have to setup it, you don’t have to update it. You do not get permission for this. You can clear the cache only from the dashboard. 

As we saw in the beginning that uses Cloudflare CDN , so you get 200+ locations to store cache. With the help of which you can set it according to your location. 

Image Optimization 

You also get to see image optimization in it and you cannot manage it too. Your images are automatically converted into WebP format. But you cannot see which image is optimized and which is not.

Along with this, there are many more such optimization features in it, but they all happen in the background. It also has an advantage that you do not need to do anything, everything happens automatically. If you want to manage optimization then you have to buy Wp Rocket plugin separately. Data Center 

They have 20+ data centers all over the world but in Asia you have only one data center which is in Tokyo. But if there is a CDN then you do not need to worry, you will get the speed very good even then. 

Domain Name is a web hosting company, you cannot buy a new domain from here, nor will you get a free domain in any plan. But you will get temporary domain which will be free. Plan and Pricing plans start from $30/month . In which you get 250,000 Unique Visits , 10GB of storage, 50GB of bandwidth and you can install a WordPress site in this plan.

Unique Visits means that if I visit your site once a day then that will be a visit count. The same if I visit your site 10 times in a single day even then it will be only 1 visit count.

For the rest of the plans, you can visit their site. Visit Now

Ease of Use

The Managed WordPress Hosting provided by is very easy to use. Here you do not have to worry about anything, whether optimization, security or CDN have to be installed. Everything is automatically managed here, you just have to create and put your website here. Support 

Their support is also very good, we get the reply very soon. Also, you can get help from them through Live Chat, Email or Phone Call. gives you 24/7/365 day support which is a good thing. Security 

Talking about security, you will get very good security because is using cloudflare. In Cloudflare’s enterprise plan, you get a special type of security which is Cloudflare Enterprise WAF . This is a firewall which filters out all the attacks in advance. 

Along with this, you will also get Immunify 360 that if any malware has come by mistake, then it will remove it. Although you cannot manually control both these things, it is managed in the backend. Pros 

  • Enterprise Level CDN 
  • More Better Security WAF
  • More Speed 
  • Great Uptime 
  • Staging Website
  • Best Visitor Count Cons 

  • No Email Hosting 
  • Ezoic Ads Not Supported 
  • Expensive 

Should you use

Honestly, I would not recommend to beginners who have just started blogging. If you are a newbie, this hosting platform would be too expensive for you! 

However, if you are an experienced website owner earning a decent amount of revenue from your site, might be a value for money option for you.

With the Starter plan that comes for $30/month, you get 2.5 lakh visitors, Cloudflare CDN, good security feature, excellent uptime, and so many more features to make it worthy of the value spent. is improving at a fantastic pace. You can try it for a month if you have an established website. The only problem is that the Ezoic ads service isn’t compatible with hosting.

Bottom Line is not for beginners. But if your website earns you a little bit, then you can use it. They are giving very good service, for $ 30 you are getting 250,000 visits and also getting high level CDN. 

Cloudflare is getting CDN, getting high security, getting better uptime. If you buy all these separately then you will find them very expensive. So if you have an established website, then definitely use it once. 

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