Namecheap Domain Review

Namecheap Domain Review why choose naecheap for domain

Today we are going to talk about the Namecheap domain review. A domain name is very important for any website, without this we cannot create a website because the domain name is the address of the website. But from where do we buy the domain for our blog or website? Who is the best domain name registrar?

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If you also have this question in your mind, then you must read the Namecheap domain review article completely. In this, you will know from where you will get a cheap domain and why you should buy Namecheap’s domain.

Namecheap Domain Review in english

If you do not know about Namecheap, then we talk about it a little. Namecheap was started in the year 2000 by Richard Kirkendall. In this way, Namecheap is a more than 20 years old company that provides web hosting and domain service.

Namecheap sells both Web Hosting and Domain but it is famous for Domain all over the world. Now don’t ask Is Namecheap better than GoDaddy? You have to decide for yourself about this. But for this, you have to read this article completely. Let us see whether we should buy Namecheap Domain or not?

Why Someone have to purchase Namecheap Domain

Let us see why we should buy the Namecheap domain.

1. Popular domains at competitive prices

If you look at the domain price of another popular company, then you get a domain at a very cheap rate as compared to all of them. It does not matter whether you are taking a cheap domain or an expensive one. The job of both is to give a name to your website.

In this way, if you look for a cheap domain, then you get a very cheap domain here. Apart from this, you also get a Namecheap domain promo code, with the help of which you can reduce your price.

2. Very law Renewal Price

Whenever you buy a domain from Godaddy, BigRock, or any popular company, they initially give you the domain at a very low price, but when you go to renew it, you have to pay three times the money. Whereas in Namecheap you can renew your domain at a very low price.

3. Very Law Cost at Domain Transfer

If you have already bought the domain and you want to transfer it to another company, then you have to pay more money whereas in Namecheap you get domain transfer for free. Sometimes there is a charge, then that too is negligible.

I also transferred my domain bought from BigRock to Namecheap. I got the domain for 1 year only for 550 rupees, while I checked on many companies, they were demanding more than 1000 rupees everywhere.

4. Privacy Protection is FREE Forever

Whenever you do domain registration with any company, you are asked for things like your name, email, address, and phone number. But do you know that most companies charge you money separately to keep this information hidden, whereas in Namecheap you get the facility of Privacy Protection free, that too for a lifetime? For this, he uses WhoisGuard Privacy Protection.

If the question comes to your mind that what do we need for Privacy Protection, then for this I will tell you why you need it.

1. Protect Your Personal Information

Nowadays, it has become a very difficult task to hide our identity on the Internet, due to which a lot of our identity is stolen, about which we do not even know. For this, we need Privacy Protection.

Even if you have taken a domain from another company, you will still need it but you will have to pay for it, in the same Namecheap you get WhoisGuard Privacy Protection free.

2. Prevent Unsolicited Marketing Outreach

If you have bought a new domain, then you must know that you get calls from many web hosting companies. Because those people come to know that you have purchased a new domain. Because you do not have privacy protection, due to which people all over the world can see your information.

The same happened to me, I had bought Hostinger Web Hosting a few months ago, with which I got the domain name for free. But money was charged separately for privacy, that’s why I did not take privacy. Due to which I used to get 15 to 20 calls in a day.

For this, Namecheap completely hides your information, which cannot be seen by anyone except you, due to which you do not get any kind of spam calls.

3. Minimize Spam

The third biggest advantage of WhoisGuard Privacy Protection It’s coming into your Email Spam Email stops. This prevents any outside company from accessing your real email, due to which no one can email you.

4. Prevent Domain Hijacking

If all people can easily see your information, in such a situation, anyone can deposit their rights on your registered domain account. Because they get your registered email id and phone number, due to which they can hack your account.

But after buying Namecheap Domain, you get Privacy Protection and also you get the facility of 2 step verification, that too for absolutely free.

So now you must have understood why should I get Domain Privacy Protection? , So let us now look ahead about the other benefits of the Namecheap domain.

5. Easy set-up and helpful guidance

If we talk about its interface, then it should be very easy, which is easily understood by all the new people. For this, you also get many articles. Apart from this, online support is also given to you.

6. Customer Service

I have been associated with Namecheap for the last one and a half years so that I can tell you right about its customer service. Here you get 24/7 Chat Support.

Whenever any question comes to your mind, you can ask by going to their live chat. You get a reply within a maximum of 5 minutes. I have tried many company’s customer services but Namecheap gives the fastest reply among them all.

Conclusion On Namecheap Domain Review in english

Here we have told you about all the points of Namecheap so that you can understand that Is Namecheap good for domains?. If you believe my opinion, then there can be no better company for the domain than Namecheap. You get many features in it which you do not get anywhere else.

You also get a Namecheap domain renewal coupon whereas in most of the company you are not given any coupon at the time of renewal. You can decide according to yourself whether is Namecheap better than GoDaddy?

Hope you have liked the article Namecheap Domain Review in English. Please do share this article.

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