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Longshot AI Review: Best AI Blog Content Generator Tool 2022?

Longshot.ai Review: The AI Writer That Will Help You Write Better, Faster

I think it is common to find myself having difficulty writing new blogs. You sit up on the computer and suddenly nothing appears. The problem of content marketing can cause serious difficulties. Would AI writers make a lot more sense? It has been named Longshot.ai. This Longshot.ai Review is devoted to examining the way AI writers work to improve their writing abilities. The following links are affiliate links. I will earn commissions without any cost to you.

LongShot.Ai Lifetime Deal Features Overview: 

  • You will write a new article in less than 30 minutes instead of spending 10 hours a week doing it.
  • The tool will automatically generate content topics and questions based on the keywords you want to rank for in Google.
  • Choose a headline from the generated list and select the blog outline. Regenerating headlines is also an option if you wish to explore more headline ideas.
  • The number of sub-headings in the article can now be customized. Quickly and easily create content briefs.
  • Generate SEO-optimized, high-converting blog articles from scratch – from finding the topic, to writing the headline, to drafting the outline & writing the complete post.
  • With just a click of a button, you can rephrase, create FAQs and generate blog summaries.
  • Use Image Generation AI to get recommendations for the images to use in your articles (soon)
  • Founders, content marketers, and copywriters short on time should use this product.
  • Now you can generate the full article with just one click.

o What is Longshot AI?

LongShot AI is an AI-powered long-form content assistant platform that helps users to research, generate, and optimize blogs for humans and search engines.

Some top features include FactGPT (generate fresh and relevant user sourced content), Semantic SEO generator, Instruct AI feature, Writer’s block remover, etc.

o How can Longshot AI help you create content?

we talk about in another article about  How to Write Authentic Content With LongShot AI

• Benefits of Using Longshot AI:

1. Increased Efficiency: Longshot AI can quickly analyze large amounts of data and identify patterns and trends that would take humans much longer to uncover. This enables businesses to make decisions quickly and accurately, resulting in improved efficiency.

2. Improved Accuracy: Longshot AI can identify subtle nuances in data that humans may miss, providing businesses with more accurate predictions and insights.

3. Cost Savings: By automating the process of data analysis, Longshot AI can help businesses save on labor costs associated with manual data analysis.

4. Improved Customer Experience: Longshot AI can help businesses quickly identify customer preferences and needs, providing them with the opportunity to provide better customer service.

5. Increased Innovation: Longshot AI can help businesses explore new business opportunities and uncover new ways of doing things. This can enable them to stay ahead of their competition and increase innovation.

• How Does Longshot AI Work?

Longshot AI is a technology designed to help with the process of making predictions and decisions in a variety of different areas. It works by collecting data from a variety of sources, such as historical data, market trends, and social media insights, and then using artificial intelligence techniques to identify patterns, trends, and correlations in the data. Once the patterns are identified, Longshot AI is able to make predictions about future events or outcomes. The predictions are then used to inform decisions or strategies for the user.

o Features of Longshot AI

• Longshot AI Pros and Cons:


  • It’s easy to use the AI Content Generator
  • Time is a luxury for entrepreneurs and copywriters
  • When compared to other AI tools, these features are cutting-edge
  • Comparatively, the price is comparable and you get more value for your money
  • It takes very little time to create 500 words or even a thousand word article
  • Quality Content Ready for Publishing


  • It is possible to improve the UI

How much does Longshot AI cost?

Longshot AI offers a free 7-day trial. After your Longshot AI trial ends, the pricing plans of bill annually will be as follows:

  • Basic Plan – $0/month
  • Pro plan – $29.90/month
  • Enterprise plan – $89.90/month

You can also start at $29.90 per month if you don’t need as many credits. This will allow you to test how much you use, and then you can increase it. The unlimited version can be purchased if you are unable to use it.

Remember that you can only outsource content if you do 30 posts per month. Let’s say that you are going to post 1 long-form (2500 to 3000-word) blog post per day.

A long-form article costs on average $40, so you would be spending about $1200 per month.

It is cheaper to pay $89.90 per month for unlimited content, and you can make it very quickly. You can get a free trial to create a few articles of over 1000 words.

Conclusion of Longshot AI Review

Longshot AI believes that an AI SaaS that is affordable can transform how people view AI and the market.

However, I’m not betting all my money on this one. I don’t believe this will work, or that it will be a good investment.

It’s a long shot, but I’m willing to give it a try. Although Longshot AI may be a longshot, I think it is one of the best AI companies in the world.

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