How to write SEO Friendly articles? 2022: Know the 15 Tips
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How to write SEO Friendly articles? 2022: Know the 15 Tips

How to Write SEO Friendly Article in english

1. Think before you write

Whenever we want to write a blog on any topic, before that you have to think that what do you want to write? What do you want to tell? And why do you want to write? Do your readers have questions and answers in your article? And how will you start and end your article? How to write a blog in english?

You have to think about all these things before writing a blog post so that you can do keyword research on your topic well.

2. Do Keyword research

Whatever topic you have chosen, search that topic in Google and see how many people are coming on top with such keywords. You have to open the article of all of them and see what kind of keywords they have used.

Apart from this, you have to find keywords related to your title with the help of Keyword Research Tool . For this you can use Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Tool . This Keyword Research Tool is absolutely free.

3. Use Number and Keyword in Your Title

If you search any keyword in google, then you will come to know that most of the articles in the top 10 will be such that the number in the title will be used.

The number in the title not only attracts Google, but it also attracts your readers to itself. That is why you must use the number in the title of your article.

4. Use Keyword in Permalink

You also have to use keywords in your permalink ie url. As far as possible, you should use Focus Keyword in your URL.

5. Remove STOP words from Permalink

If you have your own blog built in WordPress, then you must know that here by default our title is used for permalink. That is why you have to set permalink accordingly.

Example: – If the title of your blog is “How to write seo friendly article in English”, then your permalink should be like “how-write-seo-friendly-article-english”

Any kind of STOP words (eg, a, an, the, are, by, both) should not be used in permalink structure . For the list of STOP words, you can read Harsh Agrawal’s article List of STOP words for seo .

6. Optimize the length of your article

You can check the correct length of your article with the help of SEMrush writing assistant. If you look at the top result of google, then you will know that all the articles that are coming in the rank will have more than 2100 words in them.

Google likes long articles more, but it does not mean that we should lengthen our articles without any reason. Due to this, your readers will not read your post completely, due to which your bounce rate will increase very much.

The length of an ideal article should be at least 300 words. If you use keywords well even in these 300-word articles, then this small article of yours will also rank on the first page of google.

7. Use the Questions in Your Article

Whenever you write a post on any topic, you have to search the keyword of your title in google. After this you get some questions on the same page of Google whose title is “People also Ask”, you have to use all these questions in your article.

In this, those people will also get answers who used to search such questions. In this way it becomes an SEO optimized content, which comes very easily in search.

8. Use Main Keywords in Post Title and Meta Description

Whatever article you have written on, make sure you have used its main keyword in title and meta description. You also have to use your main keywords in meta description so that Google can understand your article well and show it in search according to you.

All WordPress Seo Plugin helps you to write Meta Description. On this blog we are using Rank Math. As far as possible your title should not contain more than 66 characters and Meta Description should not contain more than 156 characters.

9. Use only related Keywords in the post

Many times we list out many keywords with high CPC and use them all in our posts. This is a very bad thing for SEO. By doing this your blog will never rank, it will be back in reverse.

That is why you have to use only such keywords in your article which are really related to the article.

10. Use Main Keyword in your First Paragraph

Whenever you start the article, then definitely use your focus keyword in your first paragraph.

11. Keyword in Image Alt Attribute

Make sure to use the image in your blog post and give a name to whatever image you are using. Name the image as much as possible, to explain what you have used that image. By doing this, Google gets to know about whom this image of yours is.

Apart from this, you must use ALT text in your image and you have to use keyword in anchor text.

12. Bold Important Keywords

In a Seo Friendly Article , all the important keywords have to be kept bold, that is, to highlight it so that the search engine and your readers can know that all these keywords are important.

13. Link to existing content (Internal link)

Whenever you write any new article, then adding the link of the old article to the new article is considered a very good habit. By doing this, traffic also comes to your old post, the old post remains in the eyes of Google and the best advantage is that your bounce rate is low.

But while doing an internal link, keep in mind that you only have to add the link of other articles related to your post. Only then will it have an effect otherwise no one will click on it. For more information about this

14. Use External Links

In whatever post you write, according to the need, give a link to Wikipedia or any other source so that your readers can trust you. These are very important tips for SEO.

15. Use Keyword in heading tags

Whenever you write an article, your Post Title By Default is only in H1 Tag in your blog. After this you have to use H2 and H3. You must use your main keyword in all the tags you use. In this way you can write SEO Friendly Article / SEO Friendly Blog Post.

Conclusion on How to write SEO Friendly

You should read and understand the above-mentioned tips well, after that use these tips in your blog which will end your question of how to rank english blog. In this way, if you write Seo Friendly Article, then you will definitely rank in the first page of google.

Hope you have liked the How to write SEO Friendly information. If you have any question related to how to write seo friendly article in english then definitely tell in comment. Also, do share this article on your social media.

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