How to start blogging from scratch – Complete information
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How to start blogging from scratch – Complete information

How To Start Blogging – What You Blogging Are Considering About To Start, Sure Trust Me It Is A Very Good Decision.  It Must Have Come In Your Mind That I Should Also Create A Blog. If You Do Not Know How To Start Blogging From The Beginning.

So Read Our Article Completely, In This, I Have Told You A To Z About Blogging In The Right Way. So That There Should Not Be Any Question In Your Mind Related To Blogging. In This, All My Experiences Of 2 Years Have Been Shared With You. Let’s Start Without Delay: – How To Start A Blog.

What is a Blog – What Is Blog In english

Why start a blog – Why start blogging 

  • You Will Get Rid Of Doing 9 To 6 Jobs, You Can Earn Good Money Sitting At Home, And Can Be Your Own Boss. And You Will Not Need To Work For Someone Else.
  • You Can Work Whenever You Want, There Will Be No Problem Of Time.
  • You Can Become An Expert In Your Subject.

how to start blogging in english

Now Know In Easy Steps That You Can Start A Great Blog.

#1. choose the right low

The Most Important Step To Start Blogging Is To Choose The Lowest.

What Is Low – In Simple Language, Low Means Subject, The Topic In Which You Want To Write A Blog Is Called Blog Niche.

How To Choose Low

According To A Survey, The Future Will Be Of Expert People, Which Means There Will Be More Demand For Such People Who Are Expert In Any One Subject. You Can Use This Formula For The Selection Of Low In Blogging.

You Can Do Blogging In The Subject You Are Interested In Or The Subject Of Which You Have Good Knowledge. Due To Which You Will Get Great Benefit In Future Also.

Some Blogging Niche Idea – Fitness, Digital Marketing, Cooking, Fashion, Travel, Technology Etc.

Bounce Tip For Niche Selection – Work In Low Health And Finance Only If You Are Expert In These Subjects. If You Have Little Knowledge In These Subjects, Then Do Not Start Your Blog On Both These Topics.

#2. Choosing the right domain name

Choosing A Right Domain Name Is Very Important.

What Is A Domain Name – The Domain Name Is The Name Of Our Blog, Which Can Be Easily Accessed By Anyone By Searching In The Search Engine. Like Our Domain Is –

How To Choose A Domain Name

When Buying A Domain Name, Keep The Following 4 Things In Mind

• Put Your Lowly Name In The Domain Name, As If Our Blog Has Low Tech, Then We Have Also Included The Word Tech In Our Domain.
• Buy A Domain Name That Is Easy On The Tongue, So That It Is Easy For People To Remember.
• Buy A Domain Name Of Fewer Than 15 Words.
• Buy Only Top Level Domain Extensions (Eg – .Com , .In , .Net , .Org )
Where To Buy Domain – There Are Many Companies In The Market That Provide Domain Names Like  Bigrock, Namecheap Etc.

#3. Choosing a Blogging Platform

The Step That Comes After Selecting The Low And Buying The Domain Is To Choose A Right Platform For Blogging. Well, There Are Many. Blogging Platforms Available In Today’s Time. But The Most Used Is Google’s Product Blogger And The Other Is WordPress.Org.

In This Blog, We Have Compared Blogger Vs WordPress And Told Which Platform Is Good For You.

By The Way, If You Have Money To Spend For A Blog, Then You Can Start Your Blogging Career With WordPress, And If You Do Not Have Money To Spend Then You Can Also Start With Blogger.

4. Choosing Web Hosting

If You Have Chosen WordPress For Blogging, Then You Need To Buy A Web Hosting For That.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Is The Medium That Keeps The Content Written By Us Or Our Blog Connected To The Internet. Simply Put, It Is An Online Space. All The Material Of Our Blog Is Saved In Web Hosting Itself.

Where To Buy Hosting

There Are Many Companies In The Market That Provide Hosting Services, Some Of The Best Hosting Companies Are Listed Below –

• Bluehost
• Hostinger
• Hostgator

We Have Told You In The Previous Post – How To Buy Good Hosting For Blog Website.

Best Hosting For A New Blog – Whether You Buy Hosting From Any Company, Shared Hosting Is The Best For A New Blog, This Hosting Becomes Available To You At Low Prices.

#5. doing keyword research

There Is A Lot Of Difference Between Blogging Before And Blogging Now. In Today’s Time, If You Write An Article Without Keyword Research, Then It Is Like An Arrow In The Dark, Which Means That It May Or May Not Hit The Target.

Keyword Research Is The Backbone Of Blogging Today, Whatever Channel You Follow To Learn Blogging Will Always Talk More About Keyword Research. If You Find Good Keywords For Your Article, Then Your Blog Will Soon Start Ranking In Search Engines.

Some Questions Do Arise In The Mind Of A New Blogger Regarding Keyword Research Like –

How Should A New Blogger Work On Keywords?

A New Blogger Should Always Work On Long Tale Keyword, Long Tale Keyword Are Those In Which More Than 3 Words Are Used.

Like – Short Tale Keyword – Digital Marketing
Long Tale Keyword – WHAT IS Digital Marketing

In Long Tale Keyword Also Choose The Same Keyword Which Has Less Competition.

How To Do Keyword Research For Free?

There Are Many Paid Tools Available In The Market For Doing Keyword Research, Such As SEMrush, Ahref, Long Tail Pro Etc. But Their Price Is Very High (About $ 100 Per Month) Which Is Not Possible For A New Blogger To Pay At All.

But You Do Not Need To Be Disappointed, There Are Also Some Free Tools With The Help Of Which You Can Do Keyword Research. Some Of The Major Ones Are As Follows –

  • Ubersuggest
  • Answer The Public
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • World Tracker

But Being Free, They All Have Their Limits. You Can Do a Maximum of 5 To 10 Keyword Research In A Day Using Them.

#6. Finding Content Ideas and Writing Quality Content

Today There Is A Lot Of Content On The Internet, But What Is Not There Is Quality Content. To Write A Quality Content, You Have To Take The Idea First.

You Can Use Platforms Like Google Question HubQuora To Get An Idea Of ​​The Content. Always Try To Write About All The Topics Related To Your Topic In One Of Your Blog Posts.

The More Things You Write About In Your Post, The More Likely Your Blog Will Rank In Search Engines.

#7. On Page SEO

Full-Form Of SEO – Search Engine Optimize

To Bring A Blog To The First Page Of The Search Engine, On-Page SEO Is Most Important. On-Page SEO Comes All The Processes That We Do Inside Our Content.

While Writing Your Article, Do Its On-Page SEO, For That Keep In Mind Some Of The Things Mentioned Below –

• Optimize Your Keyword Properly. Do Not Use Your Focus Keyword More Often. If You Write A 1000 Word Article, Then Use Your Keyword Only 5 Or 6 Times In The Whole Article.
• Make Sure To Use Keywords In Your Title, Heading, First Paragraph, Last Paragraph, Description, URL, And Image Alt Tag.

#8. Doing Off-Page SEO (Blog Promotion)

Page SEO Is The Process That We Do After Publishing Our Content. Some Ways To Do Off-Page SEO Are Mentioned Below –

• Creating Backlinks For Your Content.
• Sharing The Content On Social Media.
• Sharing Your Blog’s Link In Google Question Hub, Quora, And Forum Related To Your Topic.
The Biggest Advantage Of Off-Page SEO Is That Instant Traffic Comes To Our Blog, Which Gradually Increases The Popularity Of Our Blog.

#9. earn money from blog

By Now You All Must Have Known That how to do blogging Now The Most Important Thing Is How To Earn Money From Blogging.

Although There Are Many Ways To Earn Money From Blogging, Google Adsense Is The Most Popular Way For A New Blog. Apart From Google Adsense, There Are Many Other Methods, Let’s Tell About Some Of The Best Ways.

• From Content Writing – If You Have Your Blog On Which You Write Content Yourself, Then It Means That You Know How To Write, Many Big Bloggers Do Not Have Time To Write, In Such A Situation, They Write Their Content From Someone Else. Let’s Write You Can Also Write Content By Contacting Them And Start Earning Money.

• Affiliate Marketing Is Also One Of The Best Way To Earn Money From Blogs, This Is The Best Way To Earn More Money.
• You All Must Know About Google AdSense, You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees A Month Through AdSense Too.
• Sponsor Post – When Good Traffic Starts Coming To Your Blog, Then Many Companies Will Request To Write Their Own Sponsor Post On Your Blog. By Which You Can Earn Good Money.

Conclusion – How to start blogging 

Through Today’s Article, We Learned That how to do blogging. For This, I Have Given You Complete Guide. After Reading This Article You Must Have Got The Idea of How To Start A Blog And Earn Money From It.

I Hope That You Must Have Liked This Article. If You Have Any Questions Related To Blogging In Your Mind, Then You Can Ask Us In The Comment Box. And Yes Do Not Forget To Share It With Your Friends So That They Too Can Earn Money By Creating Their Blog.

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