How to Promote After Publishing Blog Post

How to Promote After Publishing Blog Post 5 Tips

Creating a blog is very easy. You can easily create a blog on Blogger or WordPress. And the post-blog work is that you like to post for your blog.

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After sharing the first post on the blog

In this post, I tell you how to write a blog post than how to publish the post. I will not tell you What should I do after sharing the first blog post on a post? will share.

You have to do a lot for a voice blog to be successful. And no one gets success overnight. But we have to pay attention to getting maximum traffic from each of your posts.

Publish Blog Post How To Free My Promotion Posts After Publishing
Many new bloggers are confused after publishing their first post, what to do now? But if you are reading the post then I can say that after reading the post you must be, what should you do after sharing the first post.

Do these 5 things after sharing the first post on the blog

1) Guest posts:

When you share the first post on your blog, then after that you have to post the gust on the blog of your respective bloggers.

But many bloggers think that what is the use of posting on other blogs? But let me tell you that by guest posting on the blogs of the respective bloggers, you will get quality backlinks for your blog. And also you will get good traffic for your blog.

2) Connect with other bloggers

Networking is very important for success. So after sharing your first post, contact other bloggers. And tell them to bear me of your blog.

But those who are more bloggers or do not belong to your blog niche, then do not mail them directly unless you know them well. Because they can’t even reply to your mail.

So always comment on other blogs or tell me bare about your posts on social sites like FB, Twitter, or LinkedIn from them. Because other bloggers can help you in doing that to increase traffic to your blog and comment on your post first.

3) Submit to directories

Submitting directories is not meant to increase traffic to your blog. But when you publish a post, like a search engine, Google does not index your post first. But if you submit on directories, search engines start indexing your blog or post very fast. So after sharing your first post, submit the post to the directories.

4) Comments on other blogs

When you have a blog, now you have to create a link. And blog commenting is a great way to build links. And also commenting on other blogs has the power to get some traffic for your blog as well. So comment on other blogs.

5) Write your next post:

You cannot make your blog a success with a single post. So now you have to write your second post. But I will not tell you that immediately after one post you are like another post. But I advise you to always like quality articles.

And it takes some time to write a quality article. But I always like quality articles. If you want to become an authority blogger.

Now after doing these 5 things, do not think that now your work is over. Because blogging is a controversial learning process. So you keep on learning from us and use every single tip to make your blog a success.

5 easy ways to write high-quality content
In the end, now you must tell me on the niche comment box that after sharing the first post on the blog, how did you feel knowing these 5 work?

Also, do not forget to share the post with your friends on the social site.

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