How to earn money from blog without AdSense

How to earn money from blog without AdSense

How to earn money from blog without AdSense

Once after applying Adsense, when your account is rejected, it takes some time to fix it and apply again.

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In such a situation, you can earn money from your blog without Adsense in the below-mentioned ways.

#1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way for you to earn money online.

On this, join those sites that offer you the affiliate program, and sell their product.

The higher the price of the product you sell, the more commission you will get.

For example, suppose you have sold a domain and a hosting, then in the domain, you will get 50-60 INR, in And hosting you will get 40-60 $.

Meaning that the more products you sell on affiliate, the more commission you will get.

All you have to do in this is to sell the product of the related topic of your blog niche. Suppose you write an article on fashion, design, or diet on your blog, then if you affiliate with Amazon and Flipkart and sell products of fashion, design, and diet, you will get a good commission.

But remember that you only sell the related product of your blog niche on your blog. If you will not be successful in selling any product.

#2) Sell Your Own product

To earn from the blog, you can earn good money from your blog without AdSense even by selling your product through your site.

Suppose you have a small factory, then you can also earn goods online by selling the products of your factory through your blog site.

All you have to do on this is that you create a banner or text link of your product and add it to the blog, and tell about your product, what is your product, how is it, how much is the price, etc.

So whatever visitors will know about your product, if they want to buy your product then they can easily buy from your blog.

#3) Start Service

This is also a very easy way to earn money from blogs without Adsense.

All you have to do on this is that you start the service of whatever you are an expert on.

Meaning if you have good knowledge about blog design, then you can design the blog of other bloggers and take some service charge from them.

#4) Use Best AdSense Alternatives

You can use Google Alternatives to earn money without an AdSense blog.

With the AdSense alternative also, you can earn a good income by placing ads on text, Benner, Header, Footer on the blog.

I have shared a detailed post about Adsense alternatives, reading which you can know about the best AdSense alternatives.

#5) Use Link shortner

You must be adding a lot of links on the blog? But do you know that on some sites, even if you shorten the links of your blog and add them to your blog, you will still get money?

If you shorten your links from Link Shortner like Short. st,, site, then they shorten your links.

And you can earn good money online by sharing these links on your blog, social media.

#6) Sell Link

When some traffic starts coming to your blog, then many bloggers will request you for backlinks.

In such a situation, you can add your related blog to your blog by taking some money and adding their blog link to your blog.

Finally, this was the complete information on how to earn money from blogs without AdSense.

Now tell me how did you like this information? And if you have any questions then tell me in the comment box below.

I would be glad to help you.


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