Advance SEO Settings in Blogger Blog

Advance SEO Settings in Blogger Blog

Hello friends, in today’s article we will learn Advanced Blogger SEO Settings in blogger blog.

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Friends, in the series of blogging we have read so far what is blogging. Today I will teach you how to do blogger SEO setting in English 2021.

If you have read my previous article, what is blogging, then you must have got a basic idea that how can we create an account on Blogger Blog.

Friends, by creating an account on the blog and publishing the article, your post does not come in the search results of Google.

You have to do some mandatory settings of your blogger account first.

If you do not do those mandatory settings, then your post does not come in the search of Google and you also have to face some serious errors.

Friends, through this article, I will teach you to step by step settings.

If you do those settings, then there will be a lot of difference in the search result of your post.

Let’s learn to do Advance blogger settings friends.

Blogger SEO setting in english 2021

Friends, before doing Advance Seo Settings in Blogger Blog, you have to log in to your blog’s account.

After login, you will come to the main page of the blog.

Here you will see many options on the left-hand side.

In the last of these options, you will see an option of setting.

Click on the option of Settings.

A new page would have been opened in front of you.

Friends, on this page we have to do all our advanced settings.

1 ) Basic


This is the title of your blog website. This is what I recommend ideally, the name of your domain should be the name of your website.

With the prospect of SEO, if the name of the website and the domain are the same, then it quickly shows up in the search results.

Therefore, while buying a domain, you should buy a domain only after keeping in mind the name of your website.

Example The domain name of my website is Indo Blogging and the name of my website is also Indo Blogging.


In my view, the most important factor is the description because it tells Google what niche your website is.

Write the description in about 150 to 200 words.

Remember, you will use the main keywords of your website in the description.

Keywords will explain the identity of your website to Google. Therefore, the description has to be written thoughtfully.

Now by giving you an example, I will explain how you can write a description.

Suppose if I want to make a website on Yoga, then I have to write a description around Yoga.

For example, in this blog website of Yoga, you will get to learn Yoga practice from Simple to Advance. I will give you information about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of yoga.

In this way, you can write a description.

Blog Language

This is also very important from the point of view of SEO because the blog language itself defines the language of your website.

If your blog is in the English language then you select the language English.

If it is in English then select the English language.

Important – It is important to select the blog language because Google Bot also knows in which language your content is from the blog language, which makes it easy for the bot to rank your post.

Google Analytics Property ID

With this feature, you can connect Google Analytics to your website.

There are many benefits of linking your website with Google Analytics.

You can check the bounce rate of your website inside analytics.

You get a live report of how many users are currently on your website.

You also get the data of how many users visit your website in a month.

From which country is the maximum traffic coming to your website, you also get the data.

You can also find out in this what is the maximum traffic source of your website.

Apart from this, you also get many features inside Google analytics.


With this option, you can do the branding of your website. favicon means when we open a website on google.

Then the icon we see on the side, or the logo that appears with the name of the website when we open the website, is called favicon.

If we do not put favicon then we see the symbol of browser in default.

For branding our website, we must install Favicon.

New Feature

Recently two new features have been added to the blogger setting. This feature is Require Age Confirmation and Show Warning to Blog Reader.

Through these features, you can already tell your reader about your content, which age person the content is for.

2) Privacy-

Here you will see the option of visible to search engines.

Enable this. If we do not enable it then our website will not show on google.

That’s why we need to enable it to show our website on google.

3) Publishing

Blog Address

If you are using Blogger’s free Blogspot domain, then its address will be shown here.

You add Blogspot domain to a website, I have explained in the post what is blogging.

Custom Domain

Here you can add TLD domain ( .com , .in , .net ).


You need to enable HTTPS because Https sends a signal to Google that your website is secure.

We also know HTTPS as an SSL certificate in WordPress.

Friends, if you do not enable HTTP in Https, then google shows your website as not secure.

Due to which your ranking and bounce rate increase.

4) Formatting

Time Zone

Here you have to select the time zone of your respective country.

For example, if I belong to India, then my time zone will be Kolkata.

Here you get the option of Date Header Format, Timestamp Format, and Comment Timestamp Format.

You have to let this be the default.

5) Meta Tags

There are many important settings. You have to do this very carefully.

This setting shows your visibility on google.

Whatever meta description you write, Google will understand the content of your website based on that.

That’s why you write a meta description thoughtfully for the ranking of your website.

First of all, enable the button of the search description.

And then write a good description of 150 words in the search description given below, remember that keywords must be included.

6) Error and Redirects

Custom Redirects

Friends, this is a very important setting. Friends, first I will tell you why we need redirects and why it is necessary.

Guys, suppose I write an article, but for some reason, I have to delete the article.

After deleting the article, whenever someone clicks on that article, he/she will get an error show of 404.

This is called a bad SEO practice. Now how do we solve this problem?

Friends, custom redirects come in handy here.

We can change the link of our deleted post from any other post through custom redirects.

Now if someone clicks on your delete link, then he will be redirected to your new linked post.

7) Crawlers and indexing

Friends, you need to do this setting. This setting saves you from the problem of Indexed though blocked by robot .txt.

First of all, you should enable Custom robot .txt.

In the next step, you have to add the sitemap of your website to the custom robot.txt. You can create a sitemap from any website.

Now, look carefully at what you have to change in your sitemap. You will be seeing user-agent in your sitemap.

You have to do this setting just below that. You have to type


After that, you click on the Save button. This setting of yours will be completed.

Now you have to turn on the Enable Custom robots header tag.

After this, you have to click on Homepage tags. Here you have to turn on all and noodp then click on save.

Next, you have to click on Archive and search page tags and turn on Noindex and noodp then click on Save.

In the last, you have to click on the post and page tags, here you have to turn on all and noodp then click on save.

Your most important settings have been saved.

8) Manage Blog

Friends, this is the Last Advance SEO settings, here you can transfer the content of your blog to any other blog by import.

Here you can also take a backup of your content with the backup button.

In this option, you get the option to delete and remove your blog.

9) Site Feed

Here you get an important option which we know as Post Feed Redirect URL.

Through this option, we can submit our blog’s RSS Feed here.

10) Monetization

Here you get the option to enable Custom Ads.txt. If you want to monetize the website then you have to do it on.

After this, you have to save it by entering the code of Ads.txt here.

11) Permissions

This is the most important section of your blog. From here you can give the author and moderator of your blog access to writing on the blog.

But you have to use it wisely and pay attention to what permissions have to be given while giving authority.

My Final view on Advanced Blogger SEO Settings 

Friends, I hope that if you do the Blogger SEO setting in English 2021  as told by me, then there will be no Google Search Console error in your blog.

Your blog will start appearing in Google’s search results.

Today I taught you Advanced Blogger SEO Settings 

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