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Baby Names That Start With D

Your search for d names ends here.

It can be difficult to choose the ideal name for your child, but it can also be a creative and exciting way to show your unique personality.

You’re in luck if you’re seeking for a name that begins with the letter D! To assist you in selecting the ideal name for your bundle of joy, we’ll provide you with a selection of D names for both boys and girls in this post.

There is a D name out there for you, whether you’re searching for something more contemporary and original or something more traditional and timeless.

There are many options to think about, ranging from conventional names like David and Danielle to less common options like Darian and Delilah.

100+ D Names For Boys & Girls With Meanings (Updated 2023)

1. Boys Name Ideas Starting From D

S. No.Name Meaning
2.DaamodhuraLord Vishnu
4.DamanOne Who Controls
6.DarpahanDestroyer Of Selfishness Or Ego
7.DasaketuOne Who Carries Ten Banners
8.DasharathiLord Rama
9.DandakA Forest
10.DakshitLord Shiva
11.DalbhyaBelonging To Wheels
12.DaksheshName Of Lord Shiva
13.DalajitWinning Over A Group
14.DakshinIndian Word For South Direction
15.DaamodarA Name Of Krishna
16.DasabahuOne Who Is Armed In Ten’s.
18.DantaCalm. A Name For Lord Hanuman
19.DarpadLord Shiva
20.DakshiThe Glorious
21.DarshishMighty; Powerful
22.DahaBlazing , Very Bright
23.DarunaOne Which Is Strong And Hard As Wood.
24.DadasahebA Person Of Honour
25.DakshineshLord Shiva
27.DarpanHindi Word For Mirror
28.DaivikBy The Grace Of God
29.DahanaA Rudra
31.DakshinamoorthyIncarnation Of Shiva
32.DaruyatDesires And Aspirations
33.DaityaA Non Aryan.
34.DasarnaLand Of Ten Lakes
35.DaityasA Non Aryan
36.DakshinayanSome Movement Of The Sun
38.DarukaDeodar Tree
39.DaruCedar Tree
40.DaiwikThe Name Means ‘God’s Grace’, ‘Divine’ In Sanskrit.
41.DaevarshanOffering Made To The Gods
43.DarmanIt Means Remedy Or Medicine
44.DalpatiCommander Of Group
45.DasheeOne Who Is On Lent Or On Fast
47.DandapaaniAn Epithet For Yama
48.DadhikraDhadhikra Is A Divine Celestial Horse
49.DarshLord Krishna
50.DarshangeetSongs On Godliness
51.DashasavaMerciful And Gracious
54.DaarukCharioteer Of Krishna, Tree
55.DaarunHard Male Hindu
56.DarmikGracious, Benevolent And Philanthropic
57.DasaradDasarad Was The King Of Ayodhya
58.DarsheelSomething That Looks Lovely
59.DarsanThe Sacred Sight Of A Deity Or A Holy Person
60.DarmendraKing Of Dharma, King Of Religion

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2. Girls Name Ideas Starting From D

S. No.Name Meaning
1.DaachayaniGoddess Durga
2.DaaminiIndian Word For Lightning
3.DadhijaDaughter Of Milk
4.DaevishaMeans “Like Goddess”
5.DakshaIt Means, “Alerted One”
6.DakshakanyaAble Daughter
8.DakshayaniGoddess Durga
9.DakshinaIt Is An Indian Word For South Direction
10.DakshinyaGoddess Parvati
11.DakshitaAnother Name Of Lord Shiva
12.DalajaProduced From Petals
13.DamayanthiName In Hindu Mythology
15.DanalakshmiGoddess Of Wealth
18.DarmaTheuniversal Law Of Order
19.DarmikaGracious, Benevolent And Philanthropic
20.DarpanaHindi Word For Mirror
21.DarpanikaA Small Mirror
23.DarsanaThe Auspicious Sight Of A Deity Or A Holy Person
24.DarshiA Mentor; Guide
25.DarshikaThe Holy Sight Of A Deity Or A Holy Person
26.DarshiniGift Of God ; Blessed Girl
27.DarshinikaAcquainted With The Darshanas Or Philosophical Systems
28.DarshitaUsed To Denote A Pilgrim Who Waits To Look At The Holy Form Of A Deity
29.DarshniUsed To Denote A Pilgrim Who Waits To Look At The Sacred Form Of A Deity
30.DasaA Slave ; A Servant

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It’s crucial to take your time and consider all of your possibilities when picking a name for your newborn. Those with names beginning with the letter D may appeal to you.

You’re in luck since there are lots of lovely and interesting options available. There is a D name out there that will be ideal for your baby, regardless of whether you favor conventional or modern names or are searching for something truly unique.

Don’t be scared to get inventive and think outside the box; instead, use this list of D names for boys and girls as a jumping-off point. Choosing a name that you and your child will cherish and that will make them happy for the rest of their lives is ultimately what matters most.

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