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15 Best Free Seo Tools english | Best seo Tools – 2022

People who are Blogging him Best Free Seo Tools In english of Talas is definitely the Best Seo Tools is the help we can Rank on our Blog the First Page of Google. All new bloggers do not know about the free keyword research tool , that is why they look for the best SEO tools for a beginner .

For this reason, today we are going to tell you which are the Best Free Seo Tools in english. But what is the best SEO tools? Before knowing about, we know what is Seo Tools, so that you do not have to search what is seo tools in Wikipedia .

What Is SEO Tools?

SEO Tools In english is such a software, which makes the work of your SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization very easy. It is not that you cannot do this work without the help of these SEO tools. You can absolutely do it but for that you will have to give a lot of hard work and time and you also know how important time is.

If you do this work manually, then the loss will be yours because the amount of time you give in doing all these work manually, then your competitor will overtake you.

That’s why today I am going to tell you about the Best SEO Tools in english, with the help of which you can rank your website and blog in a short time. After reading this article you will get the answer that How can I do SEO for free? 

Best Free Seo Tools In english| Best seo Tools – 2021

Let us now see which is the best SEO tool?

Google Search Console

Search Console is a free google seo tools. This is a very best tool especially for those people who are only looking for google seo tools. By the way, using Search Console, you can do SEO very well.

Once you have come to use Google Search Console, then you will not need any free keyword research tool. Because it is All in Seo Tools.

Google Search Console not only gives you the facility to crawl your website, but you can do a lot more in it. Let’s see what features come in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Features :-

  1. Performance
  2. URL Inspection
  3. Coverage
  4. Sitemaps
  5. Removals
  6. Speed
  7. Mobile Usability
  8. Unparsable structured data
  9. Security & Manual actions
  10. Legacy Tools and Reports
  11. Links
  12. Setting
  13. Many More

Google Analytics

Although we cannot count Google Analytics in the best seo tools because it is not a SEO tool, but without it your SEO is incomplete. It tells you everything about your website, with the help of which you can understand where your users come from and which topics they like to

That is why Google Analytics is also counted in Best Free Seo Tools in English and it is free google seo tools. Google Analytics gives you many facilities, using which you can improve the ranking of your website. You can know the Behavior of your Audience. Goal can be defined. Can set target and much more.

Let’s see about the features of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Features :-

  1. Regular Expressions
  2. Filters
  3. Goals
  4. Goal Value
  5. Calculated Metrics
  6. Campaign Tracking
  7. Channel Grouping
  8. Content Grouping
  9. Site Search
  10. Event Tracking
  11. Segments
  12. Secondary Dimensions
  13. Custom Dimensions
  14. Custom Metrics
  15. Real-Time Reporting
  16. Google Analytics Add-Ons
  17. Google Analytics Integrations
  18. Custom Reports
  19. Annotations
  20. Custom Alerts
  21. Analytics Intelligence
  22. Shortcuts
  23. Enhanced Ecommerce
  24. Attribution
  25. Google Analytics API


WooRank is also a best free SEO tool that provides a deep SEO report for any website. WooRank provides many SEO tips for your website to rank high in Google search result.

In this also you will get many options, with the help of which you can easily find the issue of your website. And you can also correct them at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the features of WooRank.

WooRank Features:-

  1. Check Score Your Website
  2. Measure Your Competition
  3. You can See Instant Rewards
  4. Websites Reviews
  5. Guidance From Expert
  6. Keywords Tracking
  7. Long Term Seo
  8. Technical Site Audit
  9. many more

Google Keyword Planner

You must know about Google Keyword Planner, it is a google seo tools with the help of which you can do keyword research very easily. It is also counted in Best Free Seo Tools in english. Because this is a free keyword research tool from Google itself.


I have never seen a better Best Free Seo Tools than this. This tool launched by Neil Patel helps a lot in increasing the traffic of your blog. In this you get many features. And the best thing is that if you face any problem then you can comment to Neil in email or YouTube and you always get answer from Neil Patel.

I am using Ubersuggest tool since last 1 year and due to this my traffic has increased tremendously. That’s why I can say that Ubersuggest Tool is one of the best Free Seo Tools.

Let’s see about the features of Ubersuggest Tool.

Features of Ubersuggest Tool:-

  1. No. 1 Free Seo Tools
  2. Keyword Overview
  3. Domain Overview
  4. Top Seo Pages Finder
  5. Keyword Suggestions
  6. Content Ideas
  7. Backlink Data
  8. Keyword Idea
  9. SERP Analysis
  10. Many More

If you have not used Ubersuggest Tool yet, then definitely do it once because it is the only Best Free Seo Tools in English which provides you all the above mentioned things absolutely free, for which you need tools like SemRush and Ahrefs. Have to pay a lot of money.


This is an extension of Moz Tool, with the help of which you can see all the things like DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority) Spam Score and how many backlinks any website has.

Let’s see about the features of Moz

Features of Moz: –

  1. Keyword Explorer
  2. Link Explorer
  3. My Online Presence
  4. Free Domain Analysis
  5. Free Location Audit

By using the paid version of MozBar, you can use more features of Moz. But its price is very high which new bloggers cannot afford.

Keyword Hero

It is not completely free but you can do it through its 14 Days Free Trail. In its free version, it gives you basic information. This is the very best Seo Tools.

Features of Keyword Hero:-

  1. Real Search Keywords
  2. Show all Organic Keywords Including All Session Metrics
  3. Keywords and Traffic Analysis
  4. Site Structure and Content Optimization
  5. Boost Your Organic ROI
  6. Many More

Answer The Public

This is a free seo tools that we use for Keyword Research and it is very amazing SEO Tools. With the help of this, you can do Keyword Research for your website or blog very easily.

In The Public SEO Tools, you will find different types of Intent-Based keywords. This is a best free keyword research tool that shows you many results of the same keywords. The most important thing about this tool is that it targets the keywords of the Question type.

Features of Answer The Public:-

  1. Unlimited Keyword research can be done.
  2. Question type keywords are easily found.
  3. Can easily find Longtail Keywords.

Keyword Explorer

This is one of the best free seo tools for bloggers, with the help of which you can get different keywords, with the help of which your rank increases and more traffic comes to your blog.

Keyword Explorer is a free tool from Moz that helps you find keywords with high CPC.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers that shows search volume, CPC & competition.

This tool gives information about search volume, keyword competition and CPC for your keywords within your browser. You must use it because it is also a Best Free Seo Tools In english.

Rank Math

You must have been surprised to hear the name of Rank Math in the list of Best Free Seo Tools In english, but this is the best best seo plugin, with the help of which we can do SEO of our blog well. 

Rank Math is the best seo plugins of WordPress blog. Earlier people used Yoast Seo Plugins . With the help of this plugin, you can write seo friendly content.

Yoast is also very good plugins, but very few features are available in it in the free plan, whereas in Rank Math you get a lot of features in the free plugins itself, with the help of which you can SEO your blog very well.

Useful Features of Rank Math Plugins:-

  1. Its Setup Wizard is Awesome 
  2. The interface of Rank Math is User Friendly which is easily understood by all the people.
  3. With the help of this, you can automatically submit your site in Webmaster Tool.
  4. There is 404 Monitor and Advanced Redirection which helps you to solve 404 Error.
  5. You can edit and change the title and description in bulk.
  6. Automatically optimizes all the images uploaded to your blog.
  7. Works as Rich Snippet Support which provides additional information about your website to Search Engines.
  8. You can do online Seo well. In which you get the option of Focus Keywords.
  9. You can do Keyword Optimization.
  10. You can also do SEO for AMP site.

This writing proves to be very helpful in writing seo friendly content. Apart from this, there are many features in Rank Math which helps to rank any blog in Google, that too for free. Because of this it is one of the best seo tools.

SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a best free seo tool that checks on-page SEO, broken links, Hreflang etc. for any site.

In this you get different types of features.

SEO Minion Features:-

  1. Analyze On-Page SEO
  2. Highlight All Links (internal, external, Dofollow and nofollow links)
  3. Check Broken Links
  4. Hreflang Checker
  5. SERP Preview


You can get more than 700+ good keyword ideas that too from your single keyword. So this Best SEO Tools is very good for you, if you want to use it, then you have to enter just one keyword, it will give you many suggestions and long-tail opportunities so that you can select keywords according to your own.

Alexa Site Info

You must have heard the name of Alexa Tool. We often check Alexa Rank in Google. This is the same Alexa Site Info we are talking about. Or there is a very good best seo tools. With the help of this, you can tell about your competitors.

Alexa rank is such a service on which we can do the traffic ranking of our website.

Features of Alexa Rank:-

  1. Alexa rank gives us information about the traffic ranking of the website.
  2. It is also known how famous our blog is in the whole world.
  3. It also shows how much the bounce rate is.
  4. Information is available about how long our website is used every day.
  5. How many websites are our website linked to
  6. We also get this data like how many other websites are there like our website.

So you must have understood how important Alexa Tool is for the SEO of our blog.


Seoquake is also an SEO Tools In english. You can install and use seoquake extensions in Google Chrome absolutely free. It also gives you the information of your competitor.

The Seoquake tool allows you to check useful things like Keyword Density report, Internal/External Link analysis and even Social metrics.

Let’s see about Seoquake Features.

Seoquake Features:-

  1. On-page SEO audit
  2. Keyword density
  3. Internal and External links
  4. Compare URLs
  5. SERP Overlay
  6. GSC Integration
  7. ON Page Seo Audit
  8. Backlinks
  9. Traffic
  10. Many More

last word

All the SEO tools I have told here are all tested tools and all are the best seo tools. If you also want to rank your website on the first page of Google and want to bring maximum traffic, then these SEO Tools in English will help you a lot.

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